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Iranian navy’s presence in intl. waters for peace, friendship

In a message on Sunday, Major General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri commemorated November 28th, the anniversary of the Army Navy Day.

“The November 28 reminds us of the epic Operation Morvarid (Pearl) by the Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the support of the Air Force fighter jets, which led to the destruction of Iraq’s Al-Bakr and AKhor-al-Amaya oil rigs in the early months of the Iraqi imposed war,” General Bagheri said in his message.

The top general also pointed out that the Islamic Republic’s defense and deterrence power, with the support of committed and expert human resources, and relying on God, has neutralized any threat and aggression against the land of Islamic Iran from its enemies.

He also said that the presence of the Iranian navy in international waters sends a message of friendship and peace and it is to scare off enemies.

Gen. Bagheri further asked God for more success and achievements for the Army Navy in their future missions.



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