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Iran pistachio exports to EU top €95 m in Jan-Sep: Eurostat

Germany, Spain, and Italy had accounted for a bulk of pistachio purchases from Iran in the three quarters to September, the source added.

Eurostat figures suggested that Iranian pistachio exports to EU states had decreased by 39% in value compared to January-September 2021.

Shelled pistachio shipments accounted for 58 million euros of Iranian pistachio exports to the EU in the three quarters leading to September, down 6% year on year, showed the figures.

According to the report, Iran’s exports of unshelled pistachio had dropped by 59% from January-September 2021 to a total of 37 million euros.

According to the report, after the United States, Iran was the second exporter of pistachios to Europe in the period between January to September 2022.



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