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Iran spared no effort in offering services to Afghan refugees

Addressing at International Immigration Council on Friday, Ali Bahraini said, “The current status in Afghanistan perfectly well shows how ambitious moves of some wealthy countries and the trans-regional military interventions have put at stake the lives of the immigrants in their own homelands.”

Criticizing the international organizations for their insufficiently paid attention to the deteriorating humanitarian conditions, he added that the international community should not allow new humanitarian crises to lead to neglecting Afghan refugees’ problems in Iran.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has during the years of the past four decades spared no effort in offering services to the Afghan refugees.”

Bahraini noted that right now over 700 thousand Afghan students are enrolled in Iranian schools, 380,000 of whom are Afghan citizens with no identity cards.

The envoy said that in order to give identity cards to such people, 10,000 children of Iranian mothers, whose fathers are non-Iranian, were given Iranian national ID cards, and also the host country, Iran, shared its limited resources with its Afghan guests.

The managing director of the International Immigration Council in reaction to the representative of Iran’s address said that the UN has always appreciated the moves made by Iran in hosting the refugees.

He said that in recent years, the IIC has always tried to increase its contribution to Iran, as the host country of those refugees.



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