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‘Lopeto’ competes at Sierra International Film Weekend

The name of the animation is inspired by the word the Kermani people of Iran use to refer to handmade toys that mothers used to make for their children in the past.

“Ali’s father treats his patients by teaching them how to make toys in the workshop of Lopeto. Lopeto is a creative toy workshop, which is very popular among Iranian children is closed due to vandalism by an unknown person. Ali tries to save his father, who is disappointed, from this predicament…,” the synopsis of the animation read.

The animation previously took part in various national and international festivals including the KidzCINEMA festival in India and Universal Kids Film Festival in Turkey.

The eighth edition of the SIFW- SIERRA INTERNATIONAL FILM WEEKEND is being held on December 02 – 04; 2022, in the City of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Santa Cruz Department, Bolivia.



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