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Urmia-Sero Highway to facilitate Iran-Turkey road link

The construction of the Urmia-Sero Highway in the West Azarbaijan Province in Iran as part of the country’s west road network plays an important role in developing economic transactions and freight and passenger transit between Iran and Turkey.

This transit route cost 15,000 billion IRR and is completed after 27 years. It would form the road gateway to Europe and the shortest route to Turkey for Iran.

The 51 km long highway is expected to be inaugurated soon.

Infrastructural investments in the Sero border terminal have also been considered for increased economic transactions.

Noteworthy, the rail link between Iran and Turkey is via ECO freight train along the Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul (ITI) Corridor which successfully resumed its operation in December 2021. During the 11th Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Ministerial Meeting on Transport hosted virtually by Turkey in February 2022, the ECO meeting acknowledged the activation of the ITI Corridor and emphasized the removal of the impediments to the regularization of this Corridor.



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