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Iran-Tajikistan trade exchanges hit 300% growth this year

Speaking in the inaugural ceremony of the 15th edition of the Iran-Tajikistan Joint Economic Cooperation Commission, held in Tehran on Monday, he expressed hope that the bilateral trade and economic exchanges would be further expanded in the coming months and years.

The trade and economic delegations between the two countries should be more activated in order to witness further economic growth, Mehrabian emphasized.

Iran and Tajikistan have so far held 14th commissions, he said, adding that a number of 17 cooperation documents were inked in the latest visit of Tajik officials to Iran.

After the 13th government took power, President Raeisi made his maiden trip to Tajikistan and in a joint meeting with the Tajik president, eight cooperation documents were signed between the two countries, in which, Iran managed to be an official member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), he said.

With the activation of economic sectors between the two countries, bilateral economic exchanges have been doubled, he underlined.

He then pointed to the economic activities exchanged between the two countries in 2013 and stated that bilateral economic exchanges exceeded in 2013 but after this year, these exchanges decreased.

Therefore, the economic sectors of Iran and Tajikistan must make their utmost efforts in line with developing trade ties more than before, Mehrabian noted, adding that the private sectors of the two countries should be more activated.

Tajik Minister of Energy and Water Resources Daler Juma, for his part, pointed to the constructive cooperation that has begun between the two countries, saying that the cooperation should be continued within the framework of organizing exhibitions and also investing in different industrial sectors.

Relations between the two countries have not been confined to the economic sector, rather, Iran and Tajikistan have taken giant strides in boosting cultural and historical fields, based on which,17 cooperation documents have been inked in this regard, Daler Juma added.



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