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Iran’s trade with Turkey crosses $4 bn in 10 months

Iran’s exports stood at $2.5 billion, up 29.85% while imports grew by 10.41% to $1.99 billion.

Bilateral trade stood at $417.14 million in September, down 7.13% YOY, with Turkish exports at $228.48 million, up 7.13% YOY, and Iranian exports at $228.48 million, registering a 25.64% decline YOY, Financial Tribune reported.

Iran and Turkey traded $4.77 billion worth of goods in 2021 to register a 69.12% rise compared with the preceding year. Iranian exports stood at $2.52 billion, up 145.18% year-on-year, while imports grew by 25.5% to $2.25 billion.


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