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Iran starts designing, constructing indigenous chopper: cmdr.

Today, Iran’s Army Air Force has achieved high capability that, in addition to constructing the most sophisticated combat helicopters, it is able to create its combat power on other helicopters.

Stating that the Army Air Force has increased the combat power of its helicopters, Brigadier General Qorbani said that the Force has also been able to arm its logistics helicopters in order to use them in its missions.

Turning to the salient specifications of the logistics helicopters, he said that the logistic helicopters of the Army Air Force are able to carry out their missions round-the-clock and in the best way possible.

He then pointed to the overhaul of choppers of the Army Air Force and added that 100% overhauling and repairing operations of all helicopters are fully done inside the country, so that there is no need to any foreign country to do this.

Benefitted from the expert manpower and specialists, Iran’s Army Air Force has managed to provide all necessary equipment needed in this sector in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and also competent knowledge-based firms especially after the eight years of Sacred Defense (Iraqi imposed war against Iran in 1980-1988).

Giant steps have been taken in the field of manufacturing parts and equipment needed, so that the Army Air Force, benefited from expert engineers, has been able to manufacture its required parts and equipment with the cooperation of academic centers and knowledge-based companies.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Commander of Army Air Force pointed to the construction of missile at the Force and emphasized that “Shafagh” Missile was constructed by Iran’s Army Air Force using the most experienced manpower and engineers.



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