Iran’s Rahimi gets gold medal at World Junior Wushu Champs.

Rahimi snatched a gold medal in the weight category of -56kg at the 8th World Junior Wushu Championships in Indonesia.

She had beaten opponents from Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Mexico to advance to the final match.

In the final game, Rahimi sealed a well-deserved Championship title with a win over her Chinese opponent.

Earlier, Soheil Mousavi grabbed a gold medal in the weight category of -75kg and Iran’s sportswoman Nazanin Bazdar ranked second in the category of Taolu at the 8th World Junior Wushu Championships.

 The eighth World Junior Wushu Championships will run until December 11.

Sanda and Taolu are two categories of competitive wushu. Sanda is a fighting system developed by the Chinese military and based on traditional kung fu and modern combat techniques while Taolu refers to choreographed set routines of movements.



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