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Iran won’t compromise on territorial integrity: Spokesman

Tehran (ISNA) – Iran is committed to regional cooperation based on principles, mutual interest and neighborhood policy, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani stressed.

Speaking at a weekly press conference on Monday, Kanaani with blaming some Western officials for their stances about Iran’s recent unrest said, “Today we will impose a new round of sanction against some figures from the European Union and some British entities and individuals as well”.

“Interfering in Iran’s internal affairs won’t be left without any responses and Iran is not affected by threats and pressures, aiming at getting scores from Tehran,” he added.

Asked by CBS journalist if Iran pays heed to the consequences of executions of recent detainees based on the international reactions, the Iranian spokesman said, “As we’ve repeatedly noted, interfering with Iran’s internal affairs is illegal and unconstructive and we want these kinds of countries to refer to their own actions – the way that protesters are treated in these countries. We have stated many times that Iran has the right to have peaceful protests based on its domestic rules and regulations. Protesting is free in Iran and people are allowed to protest in the country and call for the officials to meet their demands”.

“Tehran cannot accept these unconstructive interferences and we have emphasized many times that protesting based on the rules is a legal action, but riots are unconstructive and foreign sides’ supports don’t help the voices of protesters to be heard,” he added.

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