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Iran not to allow anyone to comment on territorial integrity

Speaking at his weekly presser on Monday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kan’ani answered some questions raised by reporters over the latest regional and international developments.

Iran not to allow anyone to comment on territorial integrity

“We condemn any baseless accusations raised in the final statement of the 43rd meeting of the heads of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council [PGCC] with the presence of the Chinese official. We reject once again the contents of the statement regarding the issues related to Iran’s nuclear program… Iran emphasizes once again regional endogenous security based on compliance with international norms and non-interference of foreigners in regional affairs,” Kan’ani said.

“Once again, we emphasize that the Persian Gulf Trio islands are an integral and eternal part of Iran. We consider any claim about these islands as an interference in the internal affairs and territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic of Iran. We condemn such claims from any side,” the spokesman underlined.

He went on to say, “We adhere to the neighborhood policy based on cooperation and common interests and we support any initiative in regional issues. We condemn and do not accept interference in Iran’s internal affairs, and we will not allow anyone to interfere in Iran’s internal affairs and comment on Iran’s territorial integrity. Simultaneously, we will stick to regional cooperation based on principles and common interests, as well as neighborhood policy, and we will continue our efforts in this direction.”

Interference in Iran’s internal affairs not to go unanswered

In response to a question about the anti-Iran measures taken by some Western countries in imposing sanctions against Iran following the recent riots in the country, Kan’ani said, “We do not accept any intervention and meddling actions in the internal affairs of the country and consider such actions as unconstructive and contradictory to the United Nations Charter and international regulations and mechanisms.”

Stating that countries do not have the right to interfere in the internal affairs of other independent countries, he added, “The Islamic Republic of Iran is rightful to react and take countermeasures, and it will use its recognized rights in the diplomatic field in this regard.”

“Today, we will announce the list of new sanctions against some European Union and the UK institutions and figures,” he noted.

Iran-Russia defense coop. not against any third country

In response to the accusations regarding Iran sending military equipment to Russia to use in the Ukrainian conflict, the Iranian diplomat said, “The cooperation between Iran and Russia is based on common interests in various fields and the defense cooperation of the two countries is not against any third country.”

“As we have said many times we did not provide weapons or military assistance to any side in this war, and we emphasize again that Iran has always tried and is ready to use its relations and capabilities to help the two countries to reach a political solution,” Kan’ani added. “Claims against Iran are politically motivated and are made by countries that send weapons to one side of the war.”



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