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Iran ready to cooperate with neighbors in all fields

Iran ready to cooperate with neighbors, Persian Gulf states

Speaking at the third edition of the Tehran Dialogue Forum (TDF), Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said that the policy of neighborhood is the centerpiece of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s foreign policy.

The administration uses all its might to build trust and strengthen the foundations of friendship with its neighbors in the region, he added.

The foreign minister noted that Iran has always been one of the foundations of stability and security in the region and the frontline of the fight against ISIL terrorism, adding that Iran has always been at the forefront of fighting all kinds of terrorism in the region and the world.

Iran is ready to build trust and cooperate in all dimensions with its neighbors in the region and the Persian Gulf region to establish security and stability in the region, he underlined.

Tehran is ready to hold a joint meeting of foreign and defense ministers between Iran and the Persian Gulf states and other neighboring countries, Amir-Abdollahian said.

Stating that the policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to develop relations with its neighbor, he added that Ebrahim Raeisi’s administration is ready to focus more on the development of regional and international cooperation through constructive and forward-looking dialogue.

Stable security in Afghanistan possible through formation of inclusive government

Iran has received a large number of Afghan refugees in the last year while it is under the most severe sanctions, said the Iranian foreign minister.

Iran believes that stable security in Afghanistan is possible only through the formation of an inclusive government, he added.

Iran to continue strategic cooperation with China

Iran has always welcomed China’s regional cooperation with the countries of the region, said Amir-Abdollahian, adding that in recent years, Tehran and Beijing have raised the level of their relations to long-term strategic cooperation. “Last week, two Iranian and Chinese representatives held talks in Tehran to follow up on the implementation of the joint comprehensive program of strategic cooperation between the two countries.”

Referring to the joint statement issued by the PGCC member states with the presence of China during Xi’s visit to Saudi Arabia, he said Iran announced its displeasure and protest through diplomatic channels in an official form and sent an official note to the Chinese side.

Emphasizing the continuation of strategic cooperation with China, he noted that Iran won’t allow anyone to comment on its territorial integrity.

The third Tehran Dialogue Forum (TCF) has kicked off in Tehran, with officials and representatives from different countries across the world taking part.

This year’s initiative, which kicked off on Monday morning, is focused on the policy of the Islamic Republic toward its neighbors and its approach to friendship and trust-building. The forum is attended by nearly 70 officials and representatives of think tanks and research centers from 36 countries.

The first and second rounds of the Tehran Dialogue Forum were held in 2019 and 2020. The two rounds constituted an important platform of interaction and communication among political officials and thinkers in the field of international and regional studies, as well as discussions on West Asia in particular.



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