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Medvedev meets Xi in Beijing to discuss strategic partnership

While the Western media is covering the news of the visit of the President of Ukraine to the US, a senior official of Moscow has met with the President of China in Beijing.

Medvedev, who is now Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Security Council, on Wednesday posted a video on social media of him meeting China’s President Xi during a visit to Beijing.

Medvedev pointed out that the two sides discussed Russia and China’s “strategic partnership,” cooperation between the two countries and of course, the conflict in Ukraine, Reuters reported.

During the same meeting in Beijing, Xi told Medvedev that China hopes all parties in the Ukraine crisis will maintain restraint and resolve security concerns through political means.

Xi further added that he hopes China and Russia can promote communication and provide wisdom to deepen strategic cooperation between China and Russia.

News sources report that during Zelenskyy’s trip to Washington and his meeting with Joe Biden in the White House, the US government is going to announce a package of 1.8 billion dollars in military and financial aid to Ukraine.

As reported by the American media, for the first time, Washington is planning to provide the “Patriot” defense system to Ukraine during this trip.



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