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Omani delegation arrives in Sana’a with new ceasefire bid

The Yemeni media reported on Wednesday afternoon that a delegation from the Sultan of Oman’s “Haitham bin Tariq” office has arrived in Yemen to negotiate with the authorities in Sana’a government.

According to the report of the “Yemen News” Arabic-language website, the plane of the Sultanate Air Force has landed at Sana’a airport with “Mohammed Abdul Salam”, the spokesman of the Yemeni Ansarullah movement and the head of the Ansarallah negotiating team.

According to the report, the Omani delegation will make proposals in the meeting with the Yemeni authorities in order to extend the ceasefire in Yemen and also hold consultations to establish comprehensive peace.

Yemen’s Ansarullah movement has not given more details about the reasons for the visit of the Omani delegation yet. This is while the military and humanitarian ceasefire in Yemen expired without a new agreement between the parties on October 2nd.



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