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Iran adds 10 mcm/d to Gas Output by plant overhaul

According to NIOC, Alireza Daneshi said, “With the follow-up and emphasis of the CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) and the round-the-clock efforts of the employees of the Aghajari Oil and Gas Production Company and the help of the repair management complex of the headquarters of NISOC in the last 45 days, the overhaul of the NGL 1000 plant completed and gas from the plant entered the national distribution network on Monday (December 26, 2022).”

Pointing out that this action was carried out in the shortest possible time and on four fronts, he added, “Periodic repairs and maintenance of the NGL 1000 plant was initially on the agenda, and along the way, the replacement of pipelines and the reconstruction of the separation station were also successfully completed.”

“In the past few years, no attention was paid to the overhaul of the complex and the securing of these lines, and with the implementation of these plans, we will witness stability of gas production and transmission with the aim of providing a part of the country’s winter fuel,” the CEO of the NISOC further said, according to SHANA.



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