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Iran’s Barmaki chosen as Best Female Kurash Athlete in 2022

The International Kurash Association announced the different awards corresponding to the year 2022, in which Fatemeh Barmaki of Iran has been chosen as the Best Female Athlete.

Other prizes were awarded in the Best of the Best, such as Umid Esanov, best male athlete (Uzbekistan); Jeong Minwoo, best male coach (Korea); Dilfuza Rakhmatova, best female coach (Uzbekistan); Guy Ambeto, best male referee (Congo); Kayoko Moriyama, best female referee (Japan), Umid Esanov, best technique (Uzbekistan).

Recently, Barmaki won a gold medal in the 13th World Senior Kurash Championship 2022 held at Pune in Maharashtra. She also won the gold medal in the Kurash 2022 competitions held in Tajikistan.

Kurash refers to a number of folk wrestling styles practiced in Central Asia. The English name comes from the term for “wrestling” in some Turkic languages.



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