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Propsals to bolster women rights bill sent to parliament

“In order to preserve and enhance women’s rights to the highest possible degree, we submitted proposals to the Social Commission and the Presiding Board of the Parliament to bolster the bill “Improving Security and Prevention and Protection of Women against Harms,” Secretary of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights Kazem Gharibabadi said.

The items in the bill to strengthen the women’s protection law includes proposals such as strengthening the laws against different kinds of violence against women; extending the bill to cover Iranian women that reside in other countries as well as non-Iranian women residing in Iran such as tourists or refugees; setting special courts for the women under the law; the social workers’ reports on cases of violence and other cases of harassing women must be pursued by the Law enforcement forces seriously; determining punishment for cases of sexual harassment; establishing a fund for supporting women that have been the victims of violence and harassment; and finally preserving the information about the women as confidential.

The bill “Ensuring women’s security against violence” was drafted in 2009 by the time Vice President for Women and Family Affairs in the 10th government, but due to its judicial nature, it was sent to the judiciary in 2017.

After going through several stages, finally, the bill entitled “Promotion of security and prevention and protection of women against harms” in December of this year passed the review process in the Social Committee of the Parliament and is now waiting for the draft to be discussed in an open session of the parliament.



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