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FFIRI reacts to fake name of Arab countries tournament

Referring to the fake title used for the Arab cup hosted by Iraq in the city of Basra, FFIRI in a statement expressed the official objection of the Iranian football community and nation to FIFA.

The statement further added that it is clear that the Persian Gulf is an original and historical name that has been used continuously for many years in all languages and world literature, and it has been mentioned in its entirety with this title in atlases containing ancient and historical maps.

Based on this, the Football Federation Islamic Republic of Iran will send the relevant documents to FIFA to correct the unfair trends against international custom in the coming years, the statement concluded.

The 25th edition of the Persian Gulf Cup kicked off yesterday in Basra with the participation of teams from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE. Contrary to historical documents, recently some regional countries try to use the fake title of the Arab Gulf instead of the historical title of the Persian Gulf.



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