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East Azarbaijan accounts for 40% of Iran’s exports to Armenia

Iran’s total exports to Armenia stood at $304 million during the period, of which $125 million were shipped from East Azarbaijan.

“The tonnage of the province’s exports to Armenia hit 702,000 tons during the period,” said the head of East Azarbaijan Industries, Mining and Trade Organization.

Bitumen, metallic mineral products, aquatics, chemical products, fruit, vegetable and dried fruit and nuts were the main exported products during the period.

East Azarbaijan also has one of the largest shares of mineral reserves among Iranian provinces, according to Habib Aminzadeh, the former head of the Industries, Mining and Trade Organization of the northwestern province.

“East Azarbaijan’s mineral resources amount to 8.5 billion tons. It is home to 31 out of 57 types of minerals identified in the country. There are 13 copper mines, eight gold mines, seven iron ore mines and three nepheline mines in Sarab, Kaleybar and Azarshahr [counties of the province],” he said.

“The province has 735 identified mines, of which 400 are operational with a total of 12,612 workers. East Azarbaijan comes second in terms of the highest rate of employment in the country.”

Notably, East Azarbaijan is home to 30 steel production units and has annual steel exports of over $100 million. It produces 5.5 million tons of steel per year and has a 24% share of Iran’s total steel output.

The Sungun Copper Mine is located in Varzaqan county of East Azarbaijan, 75 km northwest of the provincial town of Ahar. It is the most important geological and industrial feature of the area and the largest open-cast copper mine in Iran, Financial Tribune reported.

The city of Tabriz, the capital of East Azarbaijan Province is Iran’s chocolate and biscuit production hub. About half of Iran’s biscuits and chocolates are produced in this northeastern city.



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