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Iran willing to introduce polo, Pahlevani sports to Nicaragua

Isaac Lenin Bravo, the Nicaraguan Ambassador to Iran paid a visit to Iranian Sports and Youth Affairs Ministry compound to meet with Minister Seyed Hamid Sajjadi on Monday.

Bravo said in the meeting that six ministers from his country will come to Iran on an official visit later this year, saying “A quarter of the Nicaraguan government’s cabinet is traveling to Iran. An invitation has been sent to the vice president of Nicaragua, but due to the oppressive US sanctions, the veep cannot travel to Iran along with the six ministers. On this trip, we will have a very important opportunity to meet with the ministers of the Islamic Republic. I am grateful to the government of the Islamic Republic, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Sports and Youth, for laying the ground for this meeting.”

Referring to the good relations between the two countries, the Nicaraguan envoy added, “Iran and Nicaragua’s revolutions occurred in the same year, and we consider these two revolutions to be united sisters.”

“The two countries have always had very good relations. Since Ayatollah Raeisi became the president of Iran, we realized that it is possible to increase relations with Iran. The leaders of the two countries believe that bilateral ties should not only focus on politics and that bilateral interaction should be established in other areas as well.”

Iranian Minister of Sports and Youth, for his part, said, “We are very interested in Nicaragua and that we can have good cooperation with that country in the field of sports, and we hope that the cooperation between the two countries will increase more than before. In advance, I would like to welcome the 6 Nicaraguan interior ministers who are going to visit Iran soon. We would like to welcome them here at the sports ministry compound and hold meetings with them.”

Sajjadi said there are good sports facilities that the Iranian sports officials are willing to show to the Nicaraguan delegation.

The minister added that the Iranian side is willing to introduce its traditional polo and traditional Pahlevani and Zoorkhaneh sports to the Latin American country.



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