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19.27m tons of basic goods imported during 10 months: Iran

As the news portal of Ministry of Roads and Urban Development reported, corn accounted for the biggest share of the unloaded goods with 7 million tons, down from 7.45 million tons during the corresponding period of last year.

It was followed by wheat with 4.25 million tons (down from 5.42 million tons), soybean with 3.15 million tons (down from 3.94 million tons), barley with 2.09 million tons (down from 2.68 million tons), sugar with 1.03 million tons (up from 997,628 tons), edible vegetable oil with 1.15 million tons (down from 1.47 million tons), and rice with 191,608 tons (down from 198,378 tons), Financial Tribune reported.

Also known as necessity or essential goods, the term “basic goods” refers to products consumers will buy, regardless of changes in income levels.

In the last Iranian year (March 2021-22), 30.9 million tons of essential goods worth $19.6 billion were imported into Iran, according to the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration, registering 32% and 60% rises in weight and value respectively compared with the year before.



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