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Upward trend in South Pars natural gas field production

“Daily output showed 20,000-barrel growth compared with the corresponding period of 2021 when production was less than 680,000 per day,” Ali Ahmadi said.

Over 600,000 barrels of gas condensate are supplied to Persian Gulf Star Refinery in Hormozgan Province and Nouri Petrochemical Complex in southern Bushehr Province as feedstock on a daily basis, he added.

SPGC accounts for 73% and 92% of total natural gas and gas condensate output respectively in Iran, Financial Tribune reported.

“The share of fossil fuel in Iran’s energy basket is 74%, of which 50% are produced by SPGC.”

The official noted that SPGC accounts for 96% of liquefied petroleum gas, 100% of ethane and 55% of sulfur produced in Iran.



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