Iran unveils Toloo-3, Nahid-2 telecommunication satellites

The unveiling ceremony of the Nahid-2 telecommunication satellite, and Toloo-3 satellite, was held in the presence of Iran’s Information and Communications Technology Minister Issa Zarepour and the head of the Iranian Space Agency Hassan Salarieh.

Nahid-2 (meaning Venus) is the advanced version of Nahid-1, a telecommunication satellite through which Iran can enter the space communication industry.

Iran is the ninth country in the world after the Soviet Union, the United States, France, Japan, China, the United Kingdom, India, and the Zionist regime that has successfully launched a satellite independently.

Since 2005, Iran has joined the club of space countries by sending the Sina-1 satellite, which was sent into orbit with the help of Russia. Since then, the Iranian Space Agency has put planning for the use of space and the expansion of space technologies in the country using local knowledge and international cooperation on the agenda.



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