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Iran’s exports to EEU surge by 24% to $1.3 billion

The latest data released by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration show that the country’s exports to the EEU member states reached 3.09 million tons worth $1.34 billion during the current Iranian year’s first 11 months (March 21, 2022-Feb. 19), registering a 24.69% year-on-year increase in value.

Russia with 1.27 million tons worth $672.83 million (up 22.79%), Armenia with 1.3 million tons worth $422.09 million (up 51.43%) and Kazakhstan with 443,927 tons worth $173.72 million (up 3.73%) were the top export destinations, Financial Tribune reported.

Imports hit 2.38 million tons worth $1.48 billion during the same period to register a 62.44% decrease in value.

Russia was also the main exporter to Iran with 2.08 million tons worth $1.3 billion (down 63.42%). It was followed by Armenia with 265,089 tons worth $119.26 million (down 65.16%) and Belarus with 15,601 tons worth $38.55 million (up 38.84%).



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