Iran now among exporters of petrochemical technologies

Emphasizing that Iran has become self-sufficient in many areas of the petrochemical industry, Morteza Shahmirzaei added the country is exporting catalysts, rotating equipment, and other products.

He pointed to unique achievements in the domestic petrochemical industry since mid-March 2021 and said that the oil minister has urged the petrochemical sector to indigenize all types of catalysts by the end of the Raeisi administration’s term.

Up to now, the NPC CEO said, some 1,000 tons of Iranian-made catalysts have been exported to neighboring states, particularly the northern neighbors.

Shahmirzaei stated that the petrochemical sector has planned to take optimal advantage of domestic companies in the hope of indigenizing all petrochemical products and equipment within a six-year period.

He called for domestic knowledge-based companies and manufacturers to make every effort to complete the cycle and indigenize all equipment needed by the petrochemical industry.



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