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Car production in Iran rises by 39% compared to year before

Passenger automobiles (sedan, crossover and mini cross-over, hatchback etc.,) make up 87.7% of the total production of automobile manufacturers.

Trucks were in second place after passenger cars totaling 125, 507. The production of trucks by Iranian automakers witnessed a 56% increase as compared to the year 1400.

Van production saw 267% increase, showing the highest rate of car production growth in the country last year. The total production of vans by car manufacturers in 1401 (ended March 20, 2023) was 3,161 vehicles.

In 1401, 34,136 trucks and tractors were produced in the country, which indicates a 150% growth.

Also, last year, 1,391 buses, 1,118 minibusses and middle-sized buses were produced in the country, showing 88% growth and 11% growth, respectively.

According to the report, the total production of motorcycles stood above 450,000 last year, indicating an increase of 61.2% as compared to the production of 279,999 motorcycles in 1400.



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