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good news iran: Producing film with a good ending very important: filmmaker

The director of “A Thousand Years with You” and “Your Eyes” said, “I am at the stage of obtaining experience to produce film and it does not matter what I accept, whatever a film or TV series. However, I will try and do my best to produce a film with a good ending and good output. So, the output of a film that I want to produce is very important to me.”

Hossein Tabibzadeh pointed to his lack of activity in producing films, especially in recent years, saying that it was mostly because of family-related conditions, and coronavirus pandemic in the country.

“Sometimes, I have worked for months without any interruption in film production and sometimes, I did not show interest to make a film or TV series for a long time, and the reason that I did not show interest to produce film or TV series was not done intentionally, but because of my family conditions as well as offers proposed to me that I did not show interest to continue,” he reiterated.

He added, “During the spread of coronavirus, COVID-19, in the country, I was offered many proposals to produce a film that I rejected because it was difficult for me to work in such a special condition of coronavirus that has brought about many restrictions for film directors and actors/actresses in the country as well. In general, the average production of my film has been once every two years. That is to say that I have produced a film within two years that I think is a suitable and proper asset for a film director.”

The director of “A Thousand Years with You” Film, who entered the field of filmmaking in 2009 with his premier film “Silence” at Tak Festival and was known for his film “The Last Miracle” and awards received in Tasnim Festival, said, “I should mention that the number of offers proposed to me in producing film over the previous years that I have rejected are more than the number of films that I have produced. I’m not a filmmaker to accept any offer, and now I have become more experienced than early years when I began to produce a film.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, he said that, in producing a film, he does not insist on choosing between cinema, media or TV, adding, “I do not look the issue with ‘prejudice’ at all because each of these mediums has advantages that cannot be ignored. In my opinion, it is the quality of work that makes the choice to produce a film. To me, producing a good film or TV series with good output is more valuable than anything else, and I personally hope to produce good and valuable work in all three visual mediums.”

Regarding the Film “Your Eyes”, which was highly welcomed and acclaimed in the 2018 Fajr International Film Festival (FIFF), Tabibzadeh stated, “Typically, this film was proposed by the late Hassan Joharchi, a veteran cinema and TV actor. I suggested three movies and the late Mr. Joharchi chose “Your Eyes” because he, the late Joharchi, liked this story very much.”

“In fact, the role played by Sam Karami in the film had been written for the late Mr. Joharchi, and we had chosen a completely different acting team with the film we produced in the following year, in which, all the actors/actresses were arranged by the late Mr. Joharchi’s advice and his coordination, but unfortunately, in the pre-production stage, illness and then the death of Mr. Joharchi made me miss working with him forever,” he opined.

The director of “A Thousand Years with You” Film said, “Thus, one-year stoppage happened in the production of this film and I had to rewrite the script and the result was that you saw at the festival. We had many problems in the production of this film, but I like this film. According to veteran actor Mr. Reza Iranmanesh, it is a noble and prestigious film.”

In response to the question that whether moral and ethical ending and with the nobility of protagonists of story in “Your Eyes” and “A Thousand Years with You” films do not cause the film to become a cliché, he said, “Yes. That’s right. In the Film “Your Eyes”, the man (protagonist) chooses his family between family and lover but I do not believe that the protagonist of the film has placed himself between his family and lover. In my opinion, the true love is the same as his wife who is offended by her behavior and has taken refuge in the character of the sea and in the end, he chooses to love again.”

Tabibzadeh continued, “I have the same opinion about “A Thousand Years with You” Film. When Shahin and Sara stand alongside each other in the concert hall and in that darkness, they both know that everything is over, but this is not a sign of failure of love, rather it is a sign of honor, honesty and dignity of a period of life that is coming to an end.”

He emphasized, “Since my films are mostly watched by young individuals I, as a filmmaker, is committed to disseminating cultural information among these young strata of society. There is no problem that a young boy and girl knows that true love is not meant to reach each other at any cost, rather, sometimes, separation can be summarized with the happiness of the other side.”

In response to a question that for what reason none of his films, despite highly welcomed by audiences and movie enthusiasts at Fajr Film Festival, have entered the home media section, he said, “As far as I know, a contract has been inked between producers of the films and a reliable company but I am not aware of the timing of the films that are going to be broadcast. However, I prefer to keep an eye on future work. Personally, I like both of these films i.e. “Your Eyes” and “A Thousand Year with You” and I hope that audience of the home media section also likes them.”

Turning to the new choirs which are under production, he said, “I have a few offers in this respect, but I would prefer to continue working with a TV series this year. I also have spoken about this issue and I hope it will produce a good result.”

Then he referred to Nietzsche’s famous saying who said, “whoever wants to learn how to fly, he or she must first learn how to stand, walk, run and climb … Flight cannot be flown.”

“As I told you in the beginning, I am at the stage of acquiring experience to produce film and it does not matter what I accept, whatever a film or TV series. However, I will try and do my best to produce a film with a good ending and good output. So, the output of a film that I want to produce is very important to me. Generally speaking, I try to satisfy all my audiences in my films.”

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