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good news iran: Trade of nearly 600,000 tonnes of commodities on IME

Tehran (ISNA) – Within the week ending on May 26, 2021, the IME witnessed trade of 597,727 tonnes of commodities with a total trading value of more than 365 million USD.

According to a report by the IME’s international affairs and PR, the IME traded 254,266 tonnes of commodities worth more than 174 million USD on its mineral and industrial trading floor.

IME’s customers purchased on this floor, 169,756 tonnes of steel, 4,660 tonnes of copper, 3,240 tonnes of aluminum, 120 tonnes of molybdenum concentrate, 30 tonnes of precious metals concentrate, 45,000 tonnes of iron ore concentrate and pellets, 21,460 tonnes of zinc dust and 10,000 tonnes of sponge iron (DRI).

The next trading floor was the oil and petrochemical, on which the exchange saw trade of 342, 779 tonnes of commodities valued at more than 191 million USD.

Products sold here included 116,500 tonnes of vacuum bottom, 64,929 tonnes of bitumen, 82,154 tonnes of polymeric products, 39,356 tonnes of chemicals, 39,500 tonnes of lube cut, 2,156 tonnes of base oil and 1,890 tonnes of sulfur.

Moreover, the IME hosted trade of 682 tonnes of commodities on its side market.

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