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New Middle East formed based on resistance

Tehran’s interim Friday prayers leader  Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami made the remarks while speaking at the sermons of Friday prayers.

Referring to the operations of the Resistance groups against the US and the Israeli regime, Khatami said that Iraq’s PMU attacks on US bases show the formation of a new Middle East.

“Lebanon’s Hezbollah is constantly hitting the bases of the Zionist regime and this is the new Middle East,” he stressed.

“What the Resistance did and is doing is an example of legitimate defense,” Ayatollah Khatami further underlined.

As many as 17,177 Palestinians have been martyred in the Zionist attacks on Gaza since the beginning of the regime’s invasion of the strip on October 7, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry spokesperson.

In reaction to US support for the Israeli regime in the Gaza war, the Iraqi Resistance groups have repeatedly targeted the positions of American forces in recent weeks.



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