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good news iran: Russia to host Persian music concert

He will perform at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory and the House of Culture in Borovsk.

In this performance, Iranian musicians including Hamid Ghanbari on percussion, Ashkan Moradi and Mehrdad Masoudi Farid on kamancheh, and Siavash Valipour on santur will accompany two Russian musicians playing alto violin and cello to present famous pieces from the repertoire of Iranian music and some of the compositions of Valipour.

Nourshargh lives and works in Iran and Russia. Through his rich vocal abilities and exciting manner of singing, as well as a deep knowledge and understanding of the classical Iranian system of making music (Radif), he actively develops the ancient traditions of Iranian musical culture.

Nourshargh is also a member of the Department for International Affairs at Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory and works as the lead specialist in relations with the Middle East countries.



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