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Iranian short film ‘Return of Noora’ to vie in Italy

The short film “Return of Noora” directed and produced by Alireza Saadi is scheduled to compete in the 17th edition of the XVII international short film Corti a Ponte 2023.

Corti a Ponte is an international festival of short films, characterized by an approach devoted to education in film art and the active involvement of the public of all ages and social groups.

It consists of two main containers: Grande Festival International, dedicated to author’s shorts, and Piccolo Festival International which welcomes short films made by children and teenagers from all over the world.

The screenings are accompanied by a series of competitions and collateral events such as a 48-hour race, a competition for soundtracks, live shows, workshops, and meetings.

Corti a Ponte is scheduled to be held on May 8-20 2023 in Padua, the largest cultural area of Venice, Italy.



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