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Baghadad to revoke passports of Kurdish separatist groups

Last March, the Iraqi Ministry of Interior issued an order revoking the passport of Mustafa Hijri, head of the opposition Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI), without talking about the reasons for the decision.

Now, Iraq has began revoking the passports of anti-Iran elements as part of the measures taken by the Iraqi government in coordination with the Kurdistan Regional region to restrict the opposition groups and its activities against Tehran, according to reports obtained by Al Arabi Al Jadid.

Earlier on January 2023, Iran and Iraq reached an agreement that “armed terrorist groups” in Iraq’s Kurdistan region will be disarmed and relocated.

The disarmament of Kurdish separatist groups, the transfer of members of these groups to camps and their removal from the border lines of Iran and Iraq are among the provisions of the Tehran-Baghdad security agreement.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly warned the Iraqi side about the activities of separatist groups on the border lines and asked Baghdad to take the necessary measures to disarm these groups.



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