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good news iran: Iran, China inaugurate a center on joint coop. between SMEs

The president of Shanghai’s international association of small and medium-sized industries made the remarks in a video conference held between Shanghai’s international association of small and medium-sized industries and the Iranian organization of small industries and industrial complexes.

Iran and China inaugurated a center on joint cooperation between the small and medium industries of the two countries.

“Since 2020, when the coronavirus spread throughout the world, the trading system has taken on a new trend and shape,” the Chinese official said.

And Chinese and Iranian companies have greatly contributed to the integrated development of the economy and trade in Asian countries, he added.

He went on to say, “These potentials can be deepened within the framework of the 25-year Iran-China comprehensive document and used in favor of the mutual interests for the welfare and well-being of the people of Iran and China.”

In this center, Iranian and Chinese companies will be able to be active in the field of transferring technology, dispatching business groups to China and Iran, attracting investments between the two countries, and transferring information required by companies and industrial towns of the two countries, he also added.

On Monday, the center was inaugurated through a video conference with the presence of Iran’s consul general in Shanghai.



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