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good news iran: Iran, KRG discuss coop. in field of animal husbandary

In the meeting between Iran’s deputy minister of agriculture for animal husbandary affairs Morteza Rezaei and Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) of Iraq Minister of Agriculture, Begard Talabani, the Iranian official explained to the Kurdish minister regarding Iranian achievements in the field of raising livestock and other types of farming.

The KRG minister, for her part, noted that the Iraqi Kurdistan region needs to cooperate with Iran to transfer Iran’s experiences in the field of agricultural technical knowledge, veterinary medicine, livestock products and export of agricultural products from Iran to Iraqi Kurdistan.

She added, “The new government of the Kurdistan Region has laid the necessary ground for the activities of private companies in the agricultural and livestock sectors.”

She also pointed out that Iraq and KRG markets are fully prepared to import Iranian agricultural products, and Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan can also work together to promote the agricultural industry in Kurdistan.

She added while the KRG imports most of its needed beef from Turkey and other neighboring countries, it seeks Iran’s cooperation in meeting domestic needs for beef.

Talebani further called on the Iranian side to cooperate with the KRG on raising Holstein cattle as a way to create jobs in rural areas in the Kurdish region.



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