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good news iran: ‘Metamorphosis in Slaughterhouse’ winner of Houston fest.

Houston Asian American Pacific Islander Film Festival was held in the city of Houston, Texas, from June 3 to 13 with all COVID-19-related health protocols in place.

‘Metamorphosis in the Slaughterhouse’ narrates the story of a family who must move from their village.

The film is a 2020 production of Iran, Germany, and Canada, produced by Mehdi Koohzadeh.

The cast includes Fariba Talebi, Saeed Ahmadi, Fariba Torkashvand, Farahnaz Manafizaher, Rhamat Sekarkhand, Foujan Ahmadi, Mahshid Khosravi, Iman Saraf, Arezou Balalidehkordi, Sarina Yousefi, Mohammad Eghlimi, Amir Abbas Ghazali, and Avin Koohzadeh.



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