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good news iran: Iran, GECF stress expansion of cooperation

During the meeting that was held on Tuesday in the Qatari capital of Doha, the two stressed the gas opportunity to develop member states, increase cooperation and avoid destructive competition.

The 39th meeting of the Executive Board of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum is being held for two days in Doha.

The Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) is an intergovernmental organization currently comprising 19 Member Countries of the world’s leading natural gas producers: Algeria, Bolivia, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Iran, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela are members and Angola, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Norway, Peru United Arab Emirates are observers. GECF members together control over 71% of the world’s natural proven gas reserves, 44% of its marketed production, 53% of the pipeline, and 57% of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports across the globe. It is headquartered in Doha, Qatar.



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