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good news iran: Armenian envoy calls for boosting trade coop. with Zanjan

The Armenian Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran Artashes Toumanian made the remarks in his meeting with Fathullah Haghighi, the governor of Zanjan province of Iran.

“We have made the necessary arrangements with the Armenian Chamber of Commerce for the trade delegation of Zanjan to visit Armenia”, he said, expressing hope that the negotiations will lead to executive levels.

Zanjan and Armenia enjoy special capacities and it is necessary to get acquainted with these capacities so as to cooperate in the field of mutual interests, he stressed.

Referring to the production of steel, textile, detergents, and decorative stones in Zanjan province, Fathullah Haghighi also added, “Zanjan enjoys significant capacities in the field of medicinal plants as well as aquaculture.”

Today, 75% of the country’s high voltage equipment and appliances are produced in Zanjan, he said, adding that these products are exported to various countries, including Armenia.

According to the governor of Zanjan, through Armenia, the province can pursue investment and exports in Eurasian countries in the mentioned areas

The governor of Zanjan called for a mutual visit of members of the Armenian and Zanjan Chambers of Commerce, saying “These meetings could lead to the development of a joint roadmap for cooperation between Zanjan and Armenia.”



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