good news iran: MAHAK receives plaque of commendation from Beheshti Uni.

The Occupational Health Departments of Hospitals get assessed by Shemiranat Health Network and the hospital with the best performance in this regard gets commended. MAHAK Hospital received this commendation for its first time in May 2021.

In an interview with Mina Azadifar, an occupational health expert at MAHAK Hospital, about the received commendation plaque, she stated:” In 2020, MAHAK included numerous items in its agenda in order to improve the condition of occupational health for staff in different departments. Improvements include: equipping the changing rooms for kitchen staff to rest; securing the refinery; securing the compressors which are placed next to the capsules; equipping a suitable place at the hospital for storing personal protective equipment, establishing a routine for cleaning and safety check in the workshop storerooms; establishing and monitoring safety in the laboratory and installation department, monitoring and checking the hospital’s ventilation and lighting systems; placing disinfection gates at the entrance and conducting of social distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

All the mentioned measures have been reported to Shemiranat Health Network according to which MAHAK has been acknowledged to receive a commendation plaque from among 15 hospitals.”

Mina Azadifar added: “Some hospitals plan to take measures in order to prevent harm and injury to employees by making improvements; controlling harmful factors; studying the impact of ergonomics on the performance of employees and providing standard environmental conditions. Such health centers receive feedback from the Department of Health of Shahid Beheshti University. The mentioned kind of feedback has a significant effect on the accreditation of hospitals in the health network.

MAHAK has strived to have the quality of its performance assessed by national and international standards during its activity years. This charity organization has paid special attention to the compliance of its performance with national and international standards and has made outstanding achievements with the support of philanthropists in the past 30 years. We look forward to celebrating MAHAK’s greatest-ever achievement which would be the survival of all our children from cancer.



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