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good news iran: “Fakhra” vaccine to join Iran vaccination campaign

Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, Minister of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics of Iran said during a visit to the Fakhra vaccine pharmaceutical company that the process of producing Fakhra vaccine successfully passed the clinical trial phases 1 and 2, and after obtaining the necessary permits from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, the Fakhra vaccine phase 3 has started its clinical trial.

The Iranian defense minister said that Fakhra will join the vaccination campaign in Iran in the next few days.

Gen. Ashtiani added that currently, it is possible to produce 1 million doses of the Fakhra vaccine in the Ministry of Defense per month, but after the completion of the necessary infrastructure in December of this year, the production of the vaccine will highly increase.

Fakhra is one of several Iranian-made vaccines.

Iran is using a mixture of Iranian-manufactured vaccines and imported vaccines in its vaccination campaign against the Covid-19.

Prior to today, two Iranian vaccines of “Cov Iran Barakat” and ” Razi Cov Pars” had joined the campaign while some other vaccines including Fakhra and Noura were going through their clinical phases.



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