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good news iran: Government studies non-oil exports boost

The meeting was chaired by President Raeisi and focused on increasing non-oil exports and its affiliated regulations.

According to the previous report, it is predicted that the value of foreign trade will experience a €5 billion growth by yearend (Mar. 20, 2022).

President Raeisi had earlier emphasized the adoption of appropriate and practical strategies for promoting and booming non-oil exports at the Government Economic Coordination Headquarters, adding that effective steps should be taken to return exports currency of exporters into the economy of the country by the adoption of practical policies and measures as well as offering incentive packages to spur development of non-oil exports.

Emphasizing the need for taking appropriate strategies for the removal of existing obstacles facing the activity of exporters and facilitating their activity, he reiterated, “Suitable ways should be paved for strengthening export of non-oil goods with the removal of obstacles and difficulties facing activity of exporters.”



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