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good news iran: Afghan businessmen import $1 billion worth of goods from Iran

The deputy head of Afghanistan’s Chamber of Commerce and Investment “Younis Momand” said that Afghan merchants have imported more than $1 billion worth of goods from Iran since the beginning of the year, while they exported $8 million worth of goods to Iran in the same period.

According to Momand, Afghan businessmen mostly export precious stones, dried fruits, hides, cotton, apricots and some other fresh fruits to Iran.

The Afghan economic official added that the Afghan merchants mostly imported electrical appliances, raw materials for production, petroleum products and foodstuffs from Iran.

The Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Investment authorities say that the trade between Iran and Afghanistan has returned to normal after a halt amid the takeover of the Afghan cities and the capital by the Taliban.

It is also noteworthy that fuel prices have increased sharply in Afghanistan recently.



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