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good news iran: Iran stresses achieving $20-billion trade with Iraq

The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Iran’s Parliament, Abbas Golroo, met with Iraqi Ambassador to Tehran Nasir Abdul Mohsen Abdullah on Wednesday.

During the meeting, Golroo emphasized the need to strengthen trade relations between Iran and Iraq, saying, “Economic ties between the two countries are good, but it is necessary to increase the trade figures to more than $20 billion.”

He further pointed to the religious commonalities and special historical relations between the two countries as the reason for the long-standing bond between the two neighbors.

“Deep cultural, religious and social ties are the foundation of the amicable relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Iraq.”

He also reiterated Iran’s support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of neighboring Iraq.

“The situation in the region is very sensitive at the present time and the need to pay attention to the security of bilateral relations and consensus in managing regional issues is a significant element for both sides.”

The Iraqi ambassador, for his part, called for boosting relations between the two countries, especially parliamentary interactions, and said the parliaments of the two countries can increase the level of cooperation and expand the role of their friendship groups in order to propel the development plans that are of mutual interest.



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