good news iran: Iranian female tennis player into 2020 Australian Open

Meshkatolzahra Safi, an open tennis player from Iran, had participated in the Junior Shymkent ITF International Tournament and became champion after defeating her opponent from Kazakhstan in the final match 2-1.

Before today’s championship, she was ranked 218th in the world with 306 points, but with this championship and gaining 170 points in the new ranking of the World Tennis Federation, she is 137 seed in the world.

Safi will be the first under-18 Iranian tennis player who will be participating in the Australia Open.

The female tennis player will remain a junior tennis player until next year and her ranking is expected to improve to come under 100 when she is ranked among the adult players.

The Iranian female tennis player has been a member of the Tehran-based OPT Tennis Club for three years and has been trained by two Croatian coaches.



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