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good news iran: Iran to lift travel ban at shared borders with Turkey

Mohammad Mehdi Shahriari, governor of West Azerbaijan, said  on Tuesday afternoon,  “According to the coordination made with the Minister of Interior, from Friday, October 8, passengers can travel through the border crossing of this province after observing health operating standards and providing results of Covid-19 PCR tests.”

The governor of West Azarbaijan added, “These border crossings include Bazargan in Mako, Sarv in Urmia, Razi in Khoy and Sanam Bolaghi in Poldasht and Tamarchin in Piranshahr.”

Shahriari also noted that trade is continuing as normal a the shared border crossings of the province.

West Azerbaijan, in northwest Iran shares a 961-kilometer border with Turkey, the Republic of Azerbaijan and Iraq. A travel ban was announced for passengers since the outbreak of the Coronavirus.



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