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good news iran: Different countries ready to cooperate with Iran: President Raisi

Stating that there is readiness in different countries to cooperate with the Islamic Republic of Iran, the President said, “Exporting technical and engineering services are very good ground for development of relations with neighbouring and other countries”.

Speaking on Wednesday at the cabinet session, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said, “Today’s priority is to support domestic institutions and centres active in vaccine production, because the use of foreign vaccines has limitations and cannot be permanent”.

President Raisi continued his speech by expressing satisfaction with the start of schools from the beginning of the school year, saying, “Although the school year has started online, we will gradually provide the conditions for classes to be held in schools and universities by increasing vaccinations”

The President went on to say that the main mission of the government is to prosper and increase production and leap in job creation, adding, “With more vaccination, it is necessary to return to normal activities of educational centres and businesses with a logical, gradual and calculated move”.

President Raisi said, “The way to cure the country’s problems is surge in production. Liquidity in the country should be directed towards production and employment, because the prosperity of production and job creation is the central issue of the thirteenth government”.

Pointing out that in recent meetings and meetings of the Foreign Minister, there is considerable readiness and willingness in neighbours and other countries to cooperate with the Islamic Republic of Iran, the President said, “Exporting technical and engineering services with regard to the Iranian experts’ capabilities can be one of the best areas for developing regional and international cooperation”.

In another part of his speech, the President said that women and the family are one of the main issues of the 13th government, adding, “The Vice- Presidency for Women and Family Affairs should prepare a report on the effective solutions in controlling social harms of women and family and submit it to the cabinet for review and approval”.

President Raisi said, “The government believes that, as the position of women and families in society improves, we will see a reduction in social harms, and therefore the government will not withhold any support in this regard”.

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