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good news iran: Iran Raises Target for Nuclear Power Capacity to 10,000 MW – Economy news

During a visit to the Bushehr nuclear power plant in southern Iran on Friday, President Raisi said the Islamic Republic is determined to employ peaceful nuclear energy and will not back off from its policy.

After a visit to various sections of the power plant and its new phases under construction, the president expressed delight that the Bushehr nuclear plant is working with the maximum nominal capacity and is generating 1,000 MW of electricity.

Unveiling plans for a triple rise in the power production capacity after completion of the Bushehr plant’s new phases, President Raisi said the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran is assigned to increase the country’s nuclear electricity production capacity to 10,000 megawatts.

He finally noted that the AEOI is also mandated to supply fresh water to the port city of Bushehr by developing nuclear-powered water desalination plants.


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