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good news iran: ‘Aparat’ to take part in American, Dutch film festivals

‘Aparat’ tells the story of six teenage boys who decide to work in the village cages so as to earn the money they need to rent an 8 mm camera from a wanderer.

Mehdi Gholizadeh, Ebrahim Najmabadi, Emad Mohebbi, Abolfazl Najmabadi, Amir Najmabadi, Amir Mohammad Najmabadi, Mohammad Reza Najmabadi, Zari Najmabadi, and Mehdi Rezaei are among the cast members of this short film.

The Gold Coast International Film Festival is held every year in New York with the aim of influencing art and cinema. This year it will be held from October 10 to 17, 2021.

The Cinekid festival aims to promote the quality of visual culture for young children (3-14 years) and to strengthen children’s position in relation to media through active and creative participation by young people.

This cinematic event is scheduled to be held from 13 October to 31, 2021.



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