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good news iran: Solidifying Iran-Pakistan economic ties on agenda

Abdul Razak Dawood, the advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan made the remarks in the 9th meeting of the Iran-Pakistan Joint Trade Committee.

Dawood said that the results of the negotiations of the 3 groups were satisfactory, adding that the talks were held in a transparent and honest atmosphere.

Advisor to the Pakistan prime minister for commerce and investment affairs added that the 9th meeting of the business people will lead to solidification of the relations between the two countries.

He also said that the next meeting of the business people of the two countries will be held in Islamabad, adding, “Our perspective on the future of the Iran-Pakistan economic relations is that we should be able to merge the two countries’ economies in line with the interest of our citizens.”

Dawood further noted that Iran’s progress will play a prominent role in the expansion of relations among the countries of the region, adding that Iran-Pakistan relations will contribute to the further promotion of regional relations.

At the end of his address at the meeting, the Pakistani official said that the cooperation between Iran and Pakistan not only will be in the interest of both nations but also the entire region and global peace.



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