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good news iran: Iran trades with 60 countries through Bushehr costumes

Turning to the considerable increase in imports and exports through the customs administration of the southern province in the current Iranian year of 1400 (started on March 21, 2021), Behrouz Ghareh-Beigi, Director General of Bushehr Customs said on Wednesday that provincial customs offices are currently trading with 60 countries in the world.

As one of the most important centers of the country’s foreign trade, Bushehr province plays a prominent role in the implementation of exports and imports plans, he added.

Referring to the trade relation of Bushehr customs with 60 countries, he said that customs offices of the province export their high-quality products to 48 countries, so that China, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey, the Netherland, Pakistan, South Africa, Brazil, and Qatar account for the maximum share of products’ import from this province.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he pointed to the import of commodities through the customs administration of the southern province and added, “Most volumes of the commodities imported through the customs administration of this province have been from countries of China, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Germany, Philippines, India, Turkey and Russia.”

He went on to say that 15,186,000 tons of products, valued at over $5.418 billion, were exported from the customs administration of this province in the first seven months of the current year (from March 21 to Oct. 22), showing a 7% increase in terms of weight and 77% in terms of value.

Petrochemical products, gas condensates, minerals, various species of aquatic animals, fresh fruits and vegetables were the main commodities exported through Bushehr customs, he added.



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