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good news iran: Iran, Belarus to expand coop. in Eurasian region: Agri. min.

Iranian Minister of Agriculture Seyyed Javad Sadatinejad made the remarks in his meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus to Iran Dmitry Koltsov in Tehran on Monday during which he also said that the two countries of Iran and Belarus can cooperate with each other in the Eurasian region using the common capacities and capabilities existing between the two states.

Turning to the impact of oppressive foreign sanctions on relations between the two countries, Sadatinejad added that Iran can use the capabilities of Belarus in such fields as fisheries, agriculture, agricultural inputs, equipment and machinery.

Sanctions made it impossible for Iran to have access to heavy tractors, he said and expressed hope that these problems would be resolved by developing bilateral relations.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Iranian agriculture minister pointed to the veterinary medicines and stated that the two countries can share their experience in the field of producing medicines so that the two nations are able to work together in producing those medicines that they have to currently import them in order to be self-sufficient.

Ambassador of Belarus to Iran, for his turn, said that his country welcomes expansion of relations with Iran in the field of agriculture, adding that developing and broadening economic ties between the two countries is the main task of the embassy.

The diplomat added that “Belarus has good capabilities in the fields of manufacturing agricultural equipment such as tractors, combine harvesters and other agricultural machinery, and we need to cooperate with Iranian companies in this field.”

He expressed hope that an interim agreement to establish a free trade zone in the Eurasian region between Iran and Belarus will become a permanent deal next year.



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